Chicago Talks Scheduled for June 19-21


For those in Chicago or visiting the Windy City in mid-June, we have finalized some of our speaking engagements and autographings to promote our new World’s Columbian Exposition Book. (See the cover with our preceding post.)

I will be at the University Club in the Loop (corner of Monroe and Michigan) for a luncheon talk at noon on Monday, June 19.

I will be at the Book Stall in Winnetka (811 Elm Street) north of the city for a 6:30 PM talk on Tuesday, June 20.

On Wednesday, June 21, I will be at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore in Hyde Park from 6-7:30 PM. 

I will be making a presentation as well as leading a walking tour of the Midway. It will be a great opportunity to walk the mile-long Midway and discuss which concessions occupied which spaces. It’s a bit overwhelming to look at the Midway today with its east-west roadway on each side and envision the expansive sites such as Cairo Street, Old Vienna, the Java Village, the German Village and dozens others that formed a thriving community at the west end of the main fairgrounds.

The Midway as it was structured with villages in 1893 was a mile long (as it is today between Washington and Jackson parks) and 600 feet wide. The Midway Plaisance as it existed during the 1893 fair stretched left and right (north and south) across the grassy boulevard as well as the streets of today.

Most, but not all, of the north-south streets intersecting the Midway remain today, which gives us an excellent set of reference points for the placement of each concession.

If you have questions about my presentations in Chicago, please don’t hesitate to phone or email me in the next weeks leading up to the trip.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Talks Scheduled for June 19-21

  1. The walk and talk is at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore (a couple blocks from The Midway) on Wednesday, June 21. I’m booked from 6:00-7:30pm but not sure if we’ll walk the Midway before or after a talk and booksigning. Keep in touch or contact the store directly for more information.


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