Having studied and collected the World’s Columbian Exposition since the 1970s, our first book on the fair was published in 1993 to celebrate the fair’s centennial. That book, commissioned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, was published in a slipcased limited edition and a jacketed hardcover. In 2002 the University of Illinois Press released a new softcover edition, still in print today. Our new book, The Grand Midway, also from the University of Illinois Press, has an official publication date of July 2017, but copies will be in the warehouse and available the first of June.

The History Bank is a collaborative effort of partners Norman Bolotin and Christine Laing, also coauthors of both Columbian books. Unless otherwise noted, texts in our Columbian Journal are written by Norm.

All text and photos and the Journal as a whole are copyrighted 2017, Norman Bolotin and Christine Laing. Photos, excerpts and vintage material is from The History Bank’s archives and library and the collections of Bolotin and Laing and may not be reproduced without permission. Permission is granted to the media to quote with proper credit.