Major Columbian Sale December At

We are excited to announce a major sale next month as well as our plans for the coming year. The pandemic has affected everyone in so many ways, pervading  our daily lives, and collecting hasn’t been exempt. While rarities continue to bring record prices, the “meat-and-potatoes” items that sell for as little as $25 up to several hundred dollars are substantially lower than before the pandemic. 

We have been selling the John Kennel Columbian Collection for 18 months and the number of rarities and previously unknown medals, tickets and other items has been remarkable. Next month, our online store ( will include more Columbiana from the collection in all price ranges, as well as a selection of other collecting genres: U.S. coins, medals and tokens; items from other world’s fairs; Civil War tokens and others.  

Please continue following our sales on ebay; we have lowered our prices across the board as our goal is to keep selling, unlike many who do not lower prices to accommodate demand—and whose items you see unsold for months and even a year or longer on ebay. As collectors have had to tighten purse strings, we have attempted to make items more affordable. It definitely is a buyer’s market and a time to take advantage of what should be temporary lower prices.

We will notify existing customers via email when the sale is ready to launch.

We will also be expanding the sale of books in the store in 2021. This includes vintage Columbian books and books from other fairs, the Civil War, and many we have written and published on a broad range of subjects. 

We have been writing about and selling the Kennel Collection for the past 18 months.

The Kennel Collection has included an unparalleled group of rare medals and tickets, two areas of our longtime interest and expertise and which will be integral to our new book to be published late next year.

ALSO, we are offering 20% off one ebay purchase in November (one or multiple items in a single purchase). We will rebate 20% of the purchase price to a buyer’s PayPal account on the purchase of any one or more items purchased together (one time only) during November! Just contact us when buying to confirm an order and we will credit 20% of the purchase back via the buyer’s Paypal account.

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