Uodate: 6 Additional Columbian Day of Sale Tickets Discovered

In April 2018 we posted an article about the expanding list of known Day of Sale tickets. In 1980, when the Doolin booklet on Columbian tickets (the only catalog/publication that has been published devoted to WCE tickets) a total of 23 tickets were known. We have published perhaps as many as 100± pages of material about Columbian tickets since Doolins 16-page booklet was published. These articles have been included in our various catalogs, newsletters and sales pieces, included in our two books about the Columbian Expo, in numerous Kennel Collection materials we have written and so on. As we discussed in our most recent Journal post, our new book planned for 2021 will include substantial previously unpublished/unknown material about Columbian tickets. We have been working seriously gathering such material and compiling information about Day of Sale tickets for more than twenty years. Several Columbian collectors have also kept a watch on various sales and auctions for previously unknown tickets and have kept us informed whenever they found aother; these have been discovered mostly on ebay since that platform’s inception, but also in several more obscure locations.

In our April 2018 post we were up to a total of 51 known letter and letter/number combinations of Day of Sale tickets. In that article we discussed previously unknown information in the Columbian collector community about the tickets; please refer to that earlier post on this site; we won’t repeat all of the information again here.

We now know of a total of 57 different Day of Sale tickets. We have added them to the April 2018 listing below. At the end of each line in bold italic typeface (and thus out of order to ensure they are easily seen) are the additions discovered in the last 30 months. The 23 noted with an asterisk represent the ones initially published by Doolin in 1980.

Below is the log of known tickets 30 months ago, with an asterisk indicating the known tickets as published by Doolin in 1980 (just 23 letters and letter/number combinations).

Single letters (9): G L, N, R, S*, U, Y, X…….W

Number 1 (16): 1/D*, 1/E, 1/F*, 1/G*, 1/H*, 1/J, 1/K, 1/L*, 1/N*, 1/O*, 1/P*, 1/R*, 1/S*, 1/T, 1/Y*…….1/B

Number 2 (5): 2/J*, 2/L, 2/M*, 2/X……….2/O

Number 3 (5): 3/A*, 3/B, 3/G, 3/H*……….3/C

Number 4 (3): 4/H, 4/L, 4/M……….no new discoveries

Number 5 (6): 5/R, 5/S*, 5/T*, 5/U*, 5/Y……….5/W

Number 6 (13): 6/A, 6/B*, 6/C*, 6/G, 6/J, 6/L, 6/M, 6/N, 6/O, 6/P*, 6/R*, 6/S……..6/X

Should any of you find any additions to this list of 57, or know of other details regarding Day of Sale tickets we did not include in our April 2018 article, we would be very grateful to hear from you. Please contact The World’s Columbian Journal, Norman Bolotin, at norm@thehistorybank.com or phone us at (425) 481-8818.

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