We have been setting aside rare books, brochures and printed material from the World’s Columbian Exposition, as well as other antiquarian material that thus far includes Civil War books, 19th century newspapers and documents and assorted other printed material.

We’re not sure how we will offer the material for sale–either a fixed-priced list or an auction–but the project has taken on a life of its own and grown beyond what we had in mind a few months ago. We have numerous stacks of books and other material in various corners of our office.

We’ll probably not have the material inventoried and described to offer for a some time. It might be most logical to wait until after the holidays.

In any event we would like to ask any of you who have interest in the material to please drop me a note to ensure we have you on the list when it comes time to announce the sale. While we have a master list of folks with interest in the World’s Columbian Exposition, many of you discovering this blog would not be on that list.

If you have interest in the antiquarian book sale please send an email at your convenience to, and we’ll make sure that you receive announcements when the time comes.

Besides several dozen rare and outstanding Columbian books, we’ll have photos, prints, brochures and other WCE material. The Civil War and 19th century material includes a very rare hardbound annual book on U.S. patents including the only patent every awarded to a United States President–Abraham Lincoln. We will also have some autographed material, as well as rare newspapers and period documents.

While it’s premature to say, I’m guessing we will have about 100 lots in the sale.

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